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PlayStation 5 Reveal Discussion!

Level 857 Video Game Podcast #70: PS5 Reveal Discussion! In this podcast, we discuss and react to Sony’s officially revealed first details of its upcoming next generation hardware (Solid State Hard Drive, backwards compatibility, etc.) which will very likely be...


Let’s Play Versus: Oxyjet | 4 Players | Local Battle #2

Level 857 – Let’s Play Versus: Oxyjet | 4 Player Local Couch Versus Gameplay | Nintendo Switch | Local Battle #2. In this video, the newly formed team of Kevin (Turbo857)/Eric (23rdStal) challenges current Oxyjet versus champs, Alvin (ALG857)/Eric (BigChoco)...


My Take Reaction | Indi-Eshop-Recap | April 2019

Level 857 – My Take Reaction | Indi-eShop-Recap | April 2019. In this video, we [Eric (BigChoco), Jason (Stikz), Eric (The 23rd Stallion) and Alvin (ALG857)] share reactions, thoughts and impressions after watching trailers for recently released as well as...