857 Entertainment is the home for a variety of creative works produced by a special group of artistically driven, multi-talented, lifelong friends from Long Island, NY.

Under the “Level 857” banner, the group’s love for video games is on full display with the daily release of videos featuring either their competitive spirit, cooperative teamwork, or insightful unfiltered commentary across video podcasts, hardware unboxings, event synopses, tutorials and game reviews.

Since gaming’s been a favorite pastime since childhood, Level 857 collectively shares an appreciation for how the video game industry has grown and consider themselves to be knowledgeable, seasoned veterans within their favorite video game genres. Look below for the scheduled times and descriptions for the different types of videos featured on the Level 857 – Video Game Entertainment Channel!

The Level 857 – Let’s Play Versus series features frantic, competitive multiplayer, gameplay sessions between Level 857 hosts versus each other, local friends or online opponents who believe they have the skill worthy enough to battle us on camera! At the end of each local battle video, we crown a new Level 857 – Let’s Play Versus champion! (Unless of course the current champ retains the title!). Videos for this series are released weekly on Tuesdays, 12pm (EST)!

The Level 857 – Let’s Play series features solo and chaotic, multiplayer (2-player, 3-player or 4 player co-op) gameplay sessions featuring genuine reactions and slick commentary from the channel’s diehard gaming hosts. Games played are varied from recent releases, retro classics and previous forgotten gems from our backlog. Solo/2-Player videos release on Thursdays and 4-Player videos release on Fridays (12pm EST)!

The Level 857 – Video Game Podcast is a video game podcast produced by the artistically creative, charismatic, diehard gaming veterans at 857 Entertainment. Watch, listen and learn as you bear witness to witty, unfiltered commentary as they their share thoughts on today’s gaming trends, industry developments, and new/upcoming releases! Podcasts stream live on Twitch, Wednesdays biweekly at 8pm (EST) and are released on YouTube, Mondays, biweekly at 5pm (EST). Audio podcasts are released on Sundays biweekly. Check out the Podcasts page on this site for subscription services!

The Level 857 – My Take metaseries features commentary provided by the Level 857 hosts as they share reactions, impressions, and information on game related media ranging from hardware unboxings, live gaming event synopses, local game store visits, tutorials, game rants and reviews! Videos for this series releaseĀ on Mondays and Wednesdays!

The Level 857 – Retro Respect video game review series hosted by Jason (Stikz), providing some incite, history, and fun facts for many forgotten but influential retro gems whose gameplay continues to stand (or no longer stands) the test of time despite the era in which they were initially released! Videos for this series release randomly.

As an independent hip-hop act bearing a unique sound, 857 prides themselves on keeping a laser sharp focus on lyrical substance accompanied with high level production in an effort to remind listeners that thoughtfully-crafted, message-driven hip-hop still exists for those left unsatisfied by the repetitive, manufactured offerings still perpetuated by contemporary commercial radio and major record labels.

For this reason, they classify their music as “innovative hip-hop” (a contemporary synonym for “alternative hip-hop”) to further distinguish their sound within an industry that’s unfortunately been historically susceptible to phases of devolution (mumble rap, overemphasis on materialism/misogyny, hook over lyrical content, melody over meaning, etc.) as it continues to be victimized in favor of monetary exploitation.

Many of the group’s influences came from growing up listening to like-minded artists and groups whose music reflects a common love and respect especially for the song creation process, and writing aspect of hip-hop such as Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Blackilicious, Mos Def, Wu Tang Clan, etc.

To their credit, 857‘s been featured in the news, magazines, on internet and live TV, non-commercial and internet radio in the US and abroad. They’ve also performed on college campuses and popular music venues in NYC and along the East Coast including, the Downtime, the Downtown, Southpaw, Iguana, Pianos, etc.

But you don’t have to believe anything you’ve read up to this point. Go listen for yourself on the Music page!