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My Take: Level 857 At The “United We Game For Jacksonville” Charity Event!!

Level 857 – My Take: We Attend The “United We Game For Jacksonville” Charity Event!! In this very special edition of My Take, we share the awesome experience we had attending the “United We Game For Jacksonville” charity event at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY. At the event, we had the pleasure of interviewing 2 Heads of Mid-Tier Summit (i.e., MTSummit Gaming) Joe and Alex, chatting with local gaming fans and competing in several tournaments at the event (notably Tetris, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Dragonball FighterZ)!

This charity event was a collaborative effort between all of Long Island, NY’s gaming companies and organized by Mid-Tier Summit (i.e., MTSummit Gaming) to raise money for the Jacksonville Tribute Fund which supports victims and families impacted from the tragic shooting that took place in Jacksonville, Florida in August 2018.

Help those who’ve been affected in the Jacksonville tragedy by purchasing a shirt from the following link:

The Level 857 – My Take review series features the Level 857 hosts sharing impressions on specific game related media ranging from hardware unboxings, live gaming event experiences, or just blowin’ off steam about a random topic!

**If you were at the United We Game For Jacksonville event, whatcha think?

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