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Co-op in Shovel Knight? = Sign Us Up!

Level 857 – Let’s Play: Shovel Knight – Shovel Of Justice (Co-op Campaign Part 1).  In Part 1 of this Let’s Play miniseries, Kevin (Turbo857) and Eric (The23rdStallion) blast through the Plains stage and struggle with Specter Knight in the...


Shoulda Grabbed The Rocket Launcher Earlier! (Part 3)

Level 857 – Let’s Play: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Part 3). In this episode, Kevin (Turbo857) struggles against the opposition faced in Chapter 13: Rough Seas of his Uncharted 3 campaign! Level 857 – Let’s Play series features genuine impressions...


Stikz Unboxes The Nintendo Switch!

Level 857 – My Take: Nintendo Switch Unboxing.  In this episode, local Nintendo critic Stikz tries to conceal his excitement while unboxing Nintendo’s latest home/portable hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch! The “My Take” review series features Level 857 hosts sharing...