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857 Access – Ep.2: Q & A Interview with Y.K.C.

857 Access, Episode 2: Q & A with Y.K.C. In this episode, 857 member YKC discusses his musical influences, views about hip-hop and his bandmates, etc. Our “857 Access” vlog series features everything and anything 857, from Q&A interviews, behind-the-scenes...


857 Access Returns!!!

As it seems, the fast approaching music video for “The Suffering” and full length “Masters Of Ceremony” LP aren’t the only projects we have in the pipeline. Among these projects is the return of 857 Access! Previously, 857 Access was...


New music vid for “The Suffering” coming soon!

The Suffering music video will mark the 3rd final piece of “The Masters of Ceremony Trifecta” (with “Innovative Hip-Hop” and “Closer 2 Me” vidz serving as parts 1 and 2). Instead of representing tracks that’ll be featured on the upcoming...


New Video 857 – Closer To Me ft. Wesley Volcy!

NEW VIDEO “Closer To Me” (Part 2 of “The Masters of Ceremony Trifecta”) has arrived! Don’t forget to Like and leave comments on the YouTube page. 857 on the rise, support the movement! Real Hip Hop lives….the cure for the...