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Let’s Play Co-op: Wulverblade [Walkthrough #1; Levels 1-3]

Level 857 – Let’s Play Co-op: Wulverblade (Walkthrough Part 1). In part 1 of this Let’s Play Co-op miniseries, Kevin (Turbo857) and Eric (23rdStal) begin their walkthrough campaign with Fully Illustrated/Dark Media’s brutal, hack n’slash gem, Wulverblade (for Nintendo Switch)...


Let’s Play: Grand Theft Auto V (Walkthrough #5)

Level 857 – Let’s Play: Grand Theft Auto V (Walkthrough #5). In this vid, Eric (Stallion23rd) continues his Grand Theft Auto V (for the PS4) campaign with main missions: “The Vice Assassination”, The Bus Assassination”, “Mr. Richards”, “Caida Libre”, “Deep...


857 – Where’s The Beef? (Official Lyric Video)

Where’s The Beef? is track No.2 off our full length LP, Advent. This powerful yet confrontational track defiantly showcases a lyrical prowess and tone opposite the 80’s commercials that inspired it’s song title. Our “Official Audio/Lyric Series” features our original...


New music vid for “The Suffering” coming soon!

The Suffering music video will mark the 3rd final piece of “The Masters of Ceremony Trifecta” (with “Innovative Hip-Hop” and “Closer 2 Me” vidz serving as parts 1 and 2). Instead of representing tracks that’ll be featured on the upcoming...