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Let’s Play: Grand Theft Auto V (Walkthrough #9)

Level 857 – Let’s Play: Grand Theft Auto V (Walkthrough #9). In this vid, Eric (Stallion23rd) continues his Grand Theft Auto V (for the PS4) campaign with main missions: The Ballad of Rocco, Cleaning Out The Bureau, Reuniting The Family,...


Let’s Play Co-op: Wulverblade [Walkthrough #1; Levels 1-3]

Level 857 – Let’s Play Co-op: Wulverblade (Walkthrough Part 1). In part 1 of this Let’s Play Co-op miniseries, Kevin (Turbo857) and Eric (23rdStal) begin their walkthrough campaign with Fully Illustrated/Dark Media’s brutal, hack n’slash gem, Wulverblade (for Nintendo Switch)...