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So… Whatcha Think About The 58th Annual Grammy Awards?

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 21: 2016 Grammy Awards Review. In this podcast we discuss the highs’n lows, ins’n outs, and what we loved’n hated about the 2016 Grammy Awards. The 857 Music Podcast features in-depth discussions between 857...


So… What Exactly Makes A Bad DJ???

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 20: Revenge of the Bad DJs. In this podcast we discuss the unfortunate prevalence of successful, horribly-bad deejays and breakdown what makes a deejay good and….. what makes them suck. The 857 Music Podcast...


New Video 857 – Closer To Me ft. Wesley Volcy!

NEW VIDEO “Closer To Me” (Part 2 of “The Masters of Ceremony Trifecta”) has arrived! Don’t forget to Like and leave comments on the YouTube page. 857 on the rise, support the movement! Real Hip Hop lives….the cure for the...