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We Had No Idea These Artists Were Related!

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 62: Hip-hop Artists And Producers That Are Related.  In this episode, we discuss and discover to our surprise several hip-hop artists and famous producers that we never knew were related! Article Referenced: http://www.hiphopmyway.com/g/30-rappers-you-didnt-realize-were-related/?ipp=3 The...


Hip-hop’s Best Storytellers!

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 53: Who’re Hip-hop’s Best Storytellers?   In this episode we talk about rappers who are unparalleled for their, lyrically narrative story telling and descriptive imagery. *Reference Source* http://www.thebeeshine.com/11-hype-men-successes-in-hip-hop/ The 857 Music Podcast features in-depth...


Can A Diss Track Kill A Rap Career?

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 49: Rap Careers Ruined By Diss Tracks. In this episode we list and discuss famous rap artists who’s careers unfortunately faded after a diss track dropped. The 857 Music Podcast features in-depth discussion between...