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Super Bomberman R’s Campaign Mode Ain’t Bad!

Level 857 – Let’s Play: Super Bomberman R (Co-op Campaign – Part 1). For the first time since Saturn Bomberman, Kevin (Turbo857) and Eric (Stal23rd) blast through the first 4 worlds in a co-op campaign mode for the newest Bomberman...


Who’s The True Bomberman Champion?

Level 857 – Versus Series: Super Bomberman R (Offline Battle #1).  To celebrate Bomberman’s first console debut for a Nintendo console in awhile, we break in a few rounds of Super Bomberman R and crown a new Bomberman champion! Level...


Let’s “Switch” It Up!

Level 857 – Video Game Podcast: Level 16 – After-Release Switch Impressions! Now that the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch is finally behind us, we discuss what currently impresses us about the handheld/home console hybrid, some negatives, and what...