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Choc vs Turbo857: Our Most Legendary Battle Yet!

Level 857 – Let’s Play Versus: Dragon Ball FighterZ | Choc vs Turbo857 | 2 Players Local Couch Versus Multiplayer Gameplay | Nintendo Switch | Local Battle Part 14. In our most legendary battle to date, Kevin (Turbo857) exceeds expectations in his never-ending saga to remove our channel’s Dragon Ball FighterZ versus champ, Eric (BigChoco) from the throne in a best of 3 matches (first to 2 wins) battle of the ages to achieve braggin’ rights in Arc System Works/Bandai Namco’s, fast paced, hit 2D fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ (!

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The Level 857 – Let’s Play Versus series features frantic, competitive multiplayer, gameplay sessions between Level 857 hosts versus each other, local friends or online opponents who believe they have the skill worthy enough to battle us on camera!

*Whatcha think of our explosive battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ and issuing a challenge?

Let us know if the comments below!

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Nintendo Acct: Turbo857
friend code: SW-8516-4660-1978
Xbox Live: Turbo857
PSN: Tur-bo857

Nintendo Acct: Stikz
Xbox Live: Stikz
PSN: Stikz857

Nintendo Acct: 23rdStal
Xbox Live: The23rdStallion
PSN: Stal23rd

Nintendo Acct: alg857
Xbox Live: ALG 857

Nintendo Acct: BigChoco
friend code: SW-3149-1279-5502
Xbox Live: BigChoco
PSN: BigChoco857

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