PS5 Showcase Event Discussion With Joel Vallie Of Media Glitch – 857 Entertainment

PS5 Showcase Event Discussion With Joel Vallie Of Media Glitch

Level 857 Video Game Podcast #131: PlayStation 5 Showcase Event 9 16 2020 Discussion With Joelle Valli! In this podcast, writer/film director extraordinaire ( and leader/founder of the awesome video games review channel, Media Glitch (, Joel Vallie (, joins as our special guest for an interview and PlayStation 5 Showcase Event discussion where the $399/$499 price of the digital only and Blu-ray Disc drive PlayStation 5 were revealed, right after we disclose the current games we’re playing and react to some gaming news topics!

News Topic Discussions

N64 Games May Be Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

Sony Denies Reports That It Cut Production Of PlayStation 5 Units

Microsoft Launches xCloud On Android And Confirms Series S Enhancements

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 Remake Sells 1 Million Units

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The Level 857 – Video Game Podcast is a video game podcast produced by the artistically creative, charismatic, diehard gaming veterans at 857 Entertainment ( Watch, listen and learn as you bear witness to their witty, unfiltered commentary while they share thoughts on today’s gaming trends, games recently played, news topics, and frequently with a special guest YouTuber, game developer, or video game industry contributor!

Whatcha think of the PlayStation 5 Showcase Event and the price of the PS5 models? Let us know in the comments below!

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