My Take Review (First Impressions) | Hyper Light Drifter | 2 Players – 857 Entertainment

My Take Review (First Impressions) | Hyper Light Drifter | 2 Players

Level 857 – My Take Review (First Impressions) | Hyper Light Drifter | 2 Player Couch Co-op Gameplay | Nintendo Switch. After a few hours of gameplay under our belts, we [Eric (23rdstal) and Kevin (Turbo857)] share our first impressions on the gameplay mechanics, difficulty curve, graphics, co opp action and all around fun-to-be-had and mostly things we like in the Heart Machine/Playism’s, top-down, action-RPG, indie-hit, Hyper Light Drifter ( !

The Level 857 – My Take metaseries features commentary by the Level 857 hosts where they share reactions, impressions and information on game related media ranging from hardware unboxings, live gaming event synopses, local game store visits, tutorials, game rants and reviews!

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