My Take: Level 857 infiltrates “Classically Trained” on BeTerrific!!! [Marvel Edition – Part 2] – 857 Entertainment

My Take: Level 857 infiltrates “Classically Trained” on BeTerrific!!! [Marvel Edition – Part 2]

Level 857 – My Take: Level 857 infiltrates John Donadio’s “Classically Trained” on BeTerrific!!In this very special edition of My Take, to celebrate the amazing super hero extravaganza displayed in the Avengers: Infinity War movie, ALG857 and The 23rd Stallion pay John Donadio a visit on his new show “Classically Trained” on the BeTerrific!! network to discuss super hero related video games and play a little Maximum Carnage!

The Level 857 – My Take review series features the Level 857 hosts sharing impressions on specific game related media ranging from hardware unboxings, live gaming event experiences, or just blowin’ off steam about a random topic!

**What do think of the vid and Classically Trained? Check it out and let us know in the comments below!

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