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Wow, Who’d A Thought Castlevania Makes A Great Anime! [Level 857 – Video Game Podcast: Level 24]

Level 857 – Video Game Podcast: Level 24 – Castlevania and Other Great (and not so great) Video Game to Animation Adaptations. In this podcast, we and our esteemed guest, the very beardy, Joe Donadio (w/the Party Up Podcast and Gamer Assault Weekly) discuss the surprise success of Netfilix’s Castlevania anime and other video games that had similar success making the jump to animation!

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Check here in the description for cartoon examples:

Castlevania Netflix Trailer:

Video Power – Episode one:

Mortal Kombat – The Journey Begins:

Street Fighter – Episode 1:

Captain N – Episode 1:

Pacman: Episode 01:

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show – Ep. 1:

The Legend of Zelda – The Animated Series – Ep. 1:

Dungeons & Dragons – Episode 1:

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