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Ganon’s Met His Match! [Zelda botw – Conclusion and Final Thoughts]

Level 857 – Let’s Play: The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild (Conclusion and Final Thoughts).  After completing 120 shrines and upgrading his favorite armor sets to the max, the time has come for Kevin (Turbo857) to take back Hyrule Castle in this final playthrough of the main campaign. Spoiler alert: Kevin gives his final thoughts during the endgame credits so if ya haven’t beaten Zelda botw yet and plan to… don’t watch the vid!

Level 857 – Let’s Play series is comprised of random solo and co-op game-play sessions (and impressions) featuring Level 857 hosts (and guests/friends). Games played are varied from recent releases, retro or previous forgotten games from our backlog!

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