Name Some Artists Who’ve Been Screwed By Their Labels… – 857 Entertainment

Name Some Artists Who’ve Been Screwed By Their Labels…

The 857 Music Podcast – Episode 22: Famous Artists Who’ve Signed Bad Contracts. In reflection of Kesha’s recent legal drama, we discuss her dilemma as well as other artists who’ve also been screwed by their record labels.

The 857 Music Podcast features in-depth discussions between 857 members (and occasional guests) regarding popular and sometimes controversial music news stories! Selected questions from fans are also read and answered during the show.

*Let us know what you think below about the current topic. Did we leave out any artists who’ve been screwed by their labels?

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3 Responses

  1. 857 says:

    New 857 Podcast has arrived!

  2. 857 says:

    Did we forget to mention any other artists who've been screwed by their labels?

  3. Kyrk says:

    Hmm, first name that comes to mind is Cher. Her lawsuit against Universal Music Group was epic at the time!

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