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Let’s Play Tetris Effect with ALG857 | Expert | Ending

Level 857 – Let’s Play Tetris Effect with ALG857 | PS4 | Expert Journey Mode | Ending. In this video, I [Alvin (ALG857)] complete the final, most challenging level, Metamorphosis to conclude my Expert Journey Mode walkthrough for Monstars Inc./Resonair/Enhance,...


Let’s Play Co-op: Catastronauts! | 4 Players | Part 8

Level 857 – Let’s Play Co-op: Catastronauts! | 4-Player Local Couch Co-op Gameplay | Nintendo Switch | Levels 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 5-5| Walkthrough Part 8. In this video, we [Kevin (Turbo857), Eric (23rdStal), Jason (Stikz), and Al (ALG857)] Hub 5...


Paladone Tetris Heat Changing Coffee Mug Unboxing

Level 857 – My Take Unboxing: ALG857 Unboxes The Paladone Tetris Heat Changing Mug! In this video, Alvin (ALG857) unboxes and shares impressions for Paladone’s very convenient Tetris Heat Changing Mug! Tetris Heat Changing Mug: The My Take metaseries...